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Jim Pearce is the Director of the wealth of investment company every day and investment advisor retired with 30 years of experience in asset management. I have read that BOECKL, strategist technology industry long ago and privileged is that the inventor of an evaluation of the property of technology with incredible precision measures worked. Click the arrow in the box under the approach of lead to the assessment of the actions of technology discuss hear. Integration + innovation = pass Innogration discuss the week such as convergence in the area during the last thirty years and their implications for the next 30 years has been reached. Technology companies, acknowledged that convergence would affect the industry and respond where have been rewarded more generously, while that put not removed or will be soon. The factor most important in the life of one of a technology company, this is what we now call Innogration. The term Innogration derives from the words innovation and integration and is defined as the action of what external resources of the internal product development (innovation) combined with an improvement in the ability of a superior quality product to produce the product (integration). Innogration is the key factor for the separation of the businesses in technology, which are currently very good, but not the investments necessary for the development of technology companies may not be fashionable, but they, create new categories and won the most important of which are finally the product category. If the categories of technology get rewards are extreme. Category will lose dominated important market revenues and tax allowances, one or two other competitors of the leaders and the rule. You are a category-killer killer, the technology shares that offer the highest are returned to investors. A category-killer is a technology company, that the strategy for the different categories has an Innogration strategy and its tentacles. In other words, they expect Chief trying to be a category killer. Darwinian world of competitive technology does not stop. Guide companies must be always vigilant technology, including the category on Innogration. Innogration of a business plan is essential, but it is not the end of the story. Finances are the second half of the equation. As a company, the foot is with money in the management of your hand and debt as well as a quarter pound flowing from revenues in other fuel to be the necessary Innogration for the category - killer. If a company like loses BlackBerry vital critical mass is there any strategy that can save them. We saw cela as a BlackBerry recently announced capitulated, that it was for sale to the highest bidder this year. Apple, which had lost the battle of the personal computer in the early 1990s at Microsoft, was the second finalist in this category. However, Apple has retained the fuel, it takes to compete in the Smartphone category, because I had money to invest in new Innogration plans. Plans for the balance of competition, not only for smartphones, but through a process of creative destruction gone, the proposal changes the market for PCs. PC sales sink, how to select end user more e-mail, messaging and surf on their smartphones and less on the PC. Blind spot of BlackBerry BlackBerry, with its first advantage in Smartphone, dominates whenever the category cell. BlackBerry has as a niche player in a company of telephony services have been seen. You've never seen the Smartphone market, until it was too late to compete effectively. Innogration is essential to recognize it as a fuel at the bar, in which hand is required, or use BlackBerry on the market shifted and prepaid. How concentrated BlackBerry (RIM above), dead angle which prevents a driver to see a fair vehicle next to them, only the street right in front of him, without realising that he was in danger. When I realized that I had been accepted already too far behind. Worse yet, the road began to turn in the opposite direction. It is their only hope won the race with two times more powerful or so auto Innograte replaced the motor moves again. BlackBerry says that a technology company which can effectively Innograte fighting tied not with one hand behind his back. Those which it Innograte fight not only with their own hands, but with a few other innovative is more bought so not hard to know who will win the fight. We focus only on the winners are and will be. It is there than the largest and is long-term investment yields more positive. Next edition: Innogration measures specific to assess populations alert: speaking of BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY), announced this month it was suspending the auction due to insufficient interest. We cannot say that we were surprised, how the ten months, which we predicted to lead to the Recycle Bin, rather than the value of your patents and assets. We just believe that, while it does not attempt to go buy the BBRY in what seems an oversold. acne no more free video With more than 500 million shares with a value of almost $1 billion, is difficult at a price more than justify the $2 per share. If a dead-cat bounce can mislead investors, who came to the end, we believe that this action should be avoided completely. BlackBerry pay no dividends have no market leading product and losing money at an alarming rate. We believe sound, choose the form of venture capital for those who must overcome to survive big possibility should not, with so many shares. In our opinion? The BlackBerry avoid at all costs - is a knife falling, which will fall to the ground. Read part 1: different technologies, a sector, .